söndag 22 juni 2014



Today I am showing you a layout with a photo from my oldest sons graduation. He loves suits and really wanted to were a tie but it got to warm for hit to wear the jacket. :)

I put some gesso on white cardstock and then played around with watercolors. I tried to use the same colors as in the photo. When I was putting down letters for the headline one of them ended up the wrong way and I thought it look kind of cool so I  turned some of the other letter around as well.

My oldest is learning English for the moment so he thought it was very fun to try and read this layout and figure out on his own what it sad. Even though we are Swedish we talk and write a lot in English here at home.

I was inspired by the sketch that VeckansSkiss is having this week. I really like when they are have fairly simple sketches so you can play with it a lot. I was suppose to use my black bling hearts but could for the life of me not find them! But now i kind of think the chalk enamel dots I took instead looks perfect.

I am also showing this layout over at AlltOmScrap. Hop on over there to look at the other designers watercolor layouts. Miae Rowe is also giving you a youtube tutorial about watercolors, come check it out!

And a detail shot. The round circles are actually made out of left over steams from roses and other flowers.

This was the sketch:

And a product "list"
I also used:
Square epoxy stickers from ebay
Washi tape from ICA Maxi
And som number and word stickers witch does not have the package left so I cant tell you the label, sorry.

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  1. Totally gorgeous! I love the deep greens and how beautifully you blended them together!