onsdag 4 juni 2014

My wonderful boy


This is a playful layout. Not playful to look at maybe but I played around A LOT when i made it. :)
I made it out of the sketch at Veckans skiss witch looks like this

It is quite a simple sketch and my Idea was at first to make simple layout but I got lost in the creative process and went wild :D

The photo I have used I played around with in Photoshop and when I found a filter witch made the photo look like a cartoon drawing I just loved the effect so I went with it. The layout just kind of grew around it.

So here it is

 And some detailde shots

And finally the products I used
Other than these I also used:
Punced out stars, arrows and the word "awesome"
Acrylic paint
Washi tape

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  1. Vilken välarbetad och cool tolkning av skissen! Älskar all gesso och lager på lager! häftig effekt på fotot. /Jennie