söndag 29 juni 2014



This week is all about gold over at AlltOmScrap
It is a color I don't usually work with so it was a lot of fun to try out. I bought a new product for this a cation that I haven't used before. Course Relief Paste-Aztec Gold.
Course Relief Paste 150 ml Ancient Gold
So fun to use! I used it with stencils, with a brush like watercolor and in a spray bottle with some water. Worked perfectly. Only thing is to wash the spray bottle directly after using it with this product or else it will dry and harden and then it will be very hard to clean the bottle.

Here is my layout

It is my sister with her son. Such a beautiful moment.

And some detail shots. Here you can really se just how much the layout is glimmering and shining!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to do it again some day :D

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