söndag 24 januari 2016

Jump! Canvas Corp layout

This is my latest layout for Words and Paintery. This month we are luckily to be sponsored by CanvasCorp. 

The layout is made on a sheet of canvas just like the layout in the previous post. Both sheets are from canvas corp and they where so much fun to work on. I think i liked the lack one more becus it had more structure. On this white one though the mists and glimmer glaze also from canvas corp turned out amazing. It created a sort of dreamy soft feel.
However, my favorite thing I got from canvas corp is the stamp you can se in the top left corner that says me. So cool! IT is part of a sta<mp set and the word dream, the dots and the stars are al part of the same pack.

This is W&P's word and paint board this month. Why dont you join us :)

Canvas Corp Brands
Words & Paintery

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