onsdag 17 juni 2015

ATC cards

I'm hooked!

ATC cards are such a wonderful format to work with. Its fast and its fun. I it also quite challenging.
I think I have to "blame" my scrapper friend Marie (www.gulavillanivallen.blogspot.se) for getting me trapped in the ATC swamp. She was my first swap and I got an amazing card from her.

I made some green cards in return and I used the color and word palette from Words&Paintery this month.

Here are my results

And here is how I made them

I started of by applying light weight gesso trough this stencil. The stencil is custom made and a gift from a dear friend.
Now, when I was making these a thought it would take about an hour to finish them. Universe thought differently and decided to brake my heat gun. Needless to say, each step took FOREVER. I painted and played with the cards for about five minutes and the sat around and coursed and waited for it to dry.

After the gesso dried (well almost dried, I got a little inpatient) I mixed some micro beads from PRIMA with opaque gel medium and applied it a little sloppy on the cards. I was going for two cards that where mirroring each other.
And the some more coursing and waiting...

Then for my decorations. I used some metallic flowers from YouDo and wood veneers from wycinanka. Here I used some fast drying glue. Ha, screw you universe!
Then I covered the whole thing with gesso. It took two layers to get a good coverage. 
I used watercolor to color the cards. Two different greens and some yellow. Then I thanked the gods that this was the last time I had to sit and wait for them to dry before I could finish them.

 So again, here are the finished cards. I used a PRIMA flower, some glitter from YouDo, black splashes and .stamped the words on a cardstock strip.

If anyone wants to trade cards send me an mail at mrssandman@spray.se or leave a comment right here :)

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