onsdag 20 maj 2015


I think this is a first for me.

Decorating a box that is :)
I have seen and admired others that have been altering boxes and finally i got around to try it myself.
I used PRIMAs moodboard this month as inspiration. But I decided to use copper instead of gold.

It is actually not really a hole box only the lid. My youngest wanted to craft with me so he got the bottom of the box to paint and I got the lid :) Hopefully I will get the bottom back when he is bored with it.

I love how the flowers and cogs looks like they are sculpted.
The first thing I did after I placed all the decorations  where I wanted them was to paint everything white with gesso and acrylic. I also used glue and my heat gun to achieve cool texture. Then I used my prima watercolor pencils to color everything. It took a while :)
Finally I went over the whole thing with glitter and inka gold.
The letters are these ones. I painted them white and then embossed them with copper embossing powder.

And then some dark closeups. Just so ju can see the glitter and shimmer a little better.

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